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Selling on Good Dog Marketplace

What can I sell on the Good Dog Marketplace?

You are welcome to sell anything that is a dog-related product. Items do not necessarily have to be handmade, they must, however, be for dogs or have a dog related theme to them.  If you are not sure if your product is eligible, please send us a mail at

We DO NOT ( yes I said DO NOT) sell puppies or dogs in this Marketplace at all.

NO selling of products that can cause harm to dogs are allowed to be sold.

All photos used in the Good Dog Marketplace MUST be of your own items

The exception to the rule is charities, selling of items online donated to them to make money.

It is compulsory for all items to be shipped from within South Africa.

Good Dog Marketplace reserves the right to close your store immediately if we feel you are violating our store policies.

Good Dog Marketplace FAQ

The Good Dog Marketplace is the very first of its kind in South Africa, and it is all about well … dogs. This online marketplace is a mixture of every imaginable product for dog and dog-related products out there, from jewelry to dog wall art, food, toys, bed and blankets and more!

The Good Dog Marketplace offers you an instant solution to your very own online store, in minutes. Apart from being online faster than a Beagle can eat a sock, we offer very low fees with NO monthly payments, no product fees, no limit on how many products you can upload, so there really is no risk as you will never have to pay us a fee to be part of this Marketplace.

With a remarkable development team, it is guaranteed that the Good Dog Marketplace will always be up to date, and user-friendly.

Our market reach is growing faster than a 4-month-old puppy! We use Facebook and Instagram as our main social media channels, as well as SMS communication and regular mailers to our extensive database.

Simple commision structure, NO monthly fees.

Control all aspects of your store incl, branding photos, policies, shipping, lead time and stock. Remember this is your store, it just happens to be in our online marketplace.

Easy to add shipping.

NO contracts no commitment (the total opposite of getting a new puppy)

Weekly payouts, because cash is king!

Easy to add coupons.

Comprehensive user interface so you always know what is going on in your store.

You are responsible for the fulfillment of your orders, as well as the shipping. Good Dog Magazine, we never store or send and orders on behalf of store owners.

This is your store, who are we to say what courier service you can and can’t use.

Yes, you do need to live in SA. You do not have to be a South African to open a store.

Noway Hozey .. once again this is your store, pack it to the brim full of stock.

Like any dog owner would say the more the merrier, if you already have an online store, think of the Good Dog Marketplace as a second shop for your goods. Apart from that the Internet is a VERY big place and we put lots and lots of effort into having people come to our website, thus increasing the chances of sales for store owners.

Just click the link it will take you through to the vendor registration page!

Assume your shop made a R200 sale in a *single payout period Good Dog Marketplace
charges 10% commission. This amount includes the shipping fee that the customer pays
during checkout.

• The total amount you’ll be paid out will be calculated as follow:
• Commission = (R200) x 10% = R20
• Payout fee = R5
• Your payout = R200 – R20 – R5 = R175

*Commission is set on 10%
*A single payout period works from Monday to Sunday, so on a Thursday, you get paid for all sales made from the Monday to the Sunday the week before. The R5 payout fee only applies when we make a payment to your account. If you’ve made 20 sales we still only charge per single payout!
*Reduced rate’s on high volume sales can be discussed.

Why should I open a store at the Good Dog Marketplace?

Like any dog would say the more the merrier, if you already have an on-line store, think of the Good Dog Marketplace as a second, third or fourth store for your goods (without the hassle of having to pay rent, employ staff, and keeping the lights on). Apart from that, the Internet is a VERY big place and we put lots and lots of effort into having people come to our website, thus increasing the chances of sales for store owners

In order to avoid inter-house politics we work on a first come, first serve basis concerning brands.

If there are 2 people selling the same brands, the person who puts the product online first will have rights to that product. Only if and when the first person closes his shop will it be allowed to have another person selling the same items.


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