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Mom! I’m bored!

A tale of boredom and how to break the cycle

One of the biggest enemies of our dogs is boredom! While we diligently get up to go work, while our precious pooches get to stay home, I don’t think many dog owners realize the damage a bored pup is capable of!

From digging holes, to jumping fences… barking nonstop and pulling washing from the line… there is so much for a little bored canine to get stuck into for the many hours while the kids are at school, and the parents are at work.

One of the myths about having a “really big garden for Rover to run around in all day” is just that! Being kept in the same garden day in and day out is the equivalent of being locked in the bedroom of a house all your life. It’s boring! The best thing for any dog (mentally and physically) is a walk. This stimulates the brain with the myriad of smells and sights, but also the body with a nice work out to get those lungs pumping!

Another great invention is the puzzle toy! Available from most vet stores, you can purchase a couple of toys where the dog needs to use its’ brain and body to figure out the toy. Most are treat based and the dog would need to figure out how to get the treats out of the puzzle toy… this keeps them busy for hours! Who doesn’t like a bit of a mental challenge if there are treats involved?

Frozen treats or stuffed treat toys is also a great way to kill time. By making a big tub of soup or broth, adding bits of biltong or treats and allowing to freeze overnight makes a great summer time treat! The dogs will lay out on the grass for ages licking away at the tasty ice block to get to the other treats. Or stuffing a toy with some delicious organic peanut butter and freezing it will keep your dogs busy all day getting the last licks out of the toy!

There is so much that can be done to enrich the lives of our dogs while we are away from home! Nothing can compare to time spent with your beloved pet, but there are many ways to keep them happy while you cannot be with them.

As responsible owners of good dogs, we need to give them every opportunity to succeed, and as my dear granny always said… idle hands (paws) are the devils workshop!

Boredom is a thing of the past, along with massive holes in the lawn! Let’s keep those Canine craniums stimulated, happy and occupied!

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