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FAQ’s for Buyers 2018-06-01T15:22:19+02:00

FAQ’s for Buyers

The Good Dog Marketplace is the online equivalent to a shopping mall. Imagine that there was a mall built especially for dog lovers and their four-legged friends,  and all the individual shops in the  mall just sold things for dogs. You could have one shop that sells dog food, one that sells dog bedding, and another that sells natural remedies.

The Good Dog Marketplace is different from an online store in the sense that each purchase that you make will be from an independent store holder. These stores are run by the store owner personally and you are buying your products from them and not Good Dog Marketplace. When you have made your purchase form a specific store that store owner is responsible for fulfilling your order and shipping your product to you.

There is no physical building if you live in a town or city near to a specific store owner you are welcome to contact him or her directly if you would like to go and look at the products.

Each store holder is responsible for setting up their own store shipping policies. So shipping varies from the shop owner to shop owner. If you are a customer from outside the borders of South Africa, we would suggest that you make contact with the specific store holder first and see if they can ship the product internationally.

International shipping times are never set in stone, and delivery times can vary. You (the customer) may be responsible for additional duties when receiving the parcel. The Good Dog Marketplace nor the individual shop owner has any control over this, and we suggest you correspond with your local customs authorities if you have a dispute.

This is the easy part just click add to cart, the item will be added to your online shopping cart (so much easier than pushing a trolley – right, you don’t even have to push it to the car)

When you are done browsing you can just check out, here you will be asked for your billing and shipping information.  Once your payment has been completed successfully the shop owner will be notified, and liaise directly with you on the delivery of your product.

Good Dog Marketplace does produce or ship any orders directly. All orders are fulfilled with the individual store owner.  All store owners are usually responsive to their emails, if this is not the case, please make contact with us, and we will help you as speedily as we can.

Each individual store owner has his or her own refund policy for their store. We would recommend reading through the store owners policies.

Accidents happen – we understand.  The fastest way to correct this is to contact your store holder form which you ordered directly. The contact details will be on the invoice that you have received with your purchase.

Nothing does, however orders placed & paid for outside of the Good Dog Marketplace platform aren’t protected, supported or guaranteed by Good Dog Marketplace. In the event that a seller become unresponsive or disappears, or doesn’t supply your purchase after you’ve paid, or if your purchase gets lost in the mail, the Good Dog Marketplace cannot facilitate a refund or offer you any buyer protection, insurance, or assistance.


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